vMotion network connectivity issues ESXi hosts cannot ping or timeout after 20 seconds. MTU mismatch between the VMkernel interface and the network layer (i.e. switches and routers) Misconfiguration on what networks are vMotion enabled on the ESXi hosts
Dec 25, 2013 · A Data Mover is the component within VMware vSphere that moves data from place to place (funny that) when doing operations such as Storage vMotion and other types of storage migrations (clones). In vSphere today (4.1 and up) there are three different Data Movers.
Apr 12, 2013 · Software iSCSI inside the VM can also be utilized and will give you full VMotion capability, as it only relies on a network connection, but you may not get the performance you want/need. Lastly adding a raw device mapping on a separate virtual SCSI controller to maximize performance is an option.
By default, the VMotion time out set 100 seconds, if the destination host's VMotion network cannot be reached more than 100 seconds, the VMotion will fail. Apr 01 15:14:35.930: vmx| Migrate: Powering off