Nov 02, 2019 · A JSON file is a file that stores simple data structures and objects in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format, which is a standard data interchange format. Json files are mainly used to transfer data in web applications. Many web applications use the json files for data transfer between application and servers.
A11. MobileAnalyticsが出力するデータはJSON形式です。現時点ではSpectrumはJSON形式には対応していないため、そのまま読み込むことはできません。 Redshiftローカルに対してはJSONデータを読み込むことが可能です。詳細は以下のドキュメントをご参照ください。
AWS starts gluing the gaps between its databases. This year at re:Invent, AWS didn't add any new databases to the portfolio. But it did take an important step in putting the pieces together.
Recently Redshift has added support for external tables using Redshift spectrum. Spectrum is where we can point Redshift to S3 storage and define the external table enabling us to read the data lying there using SQL query. Adding Spectrum has enabled Redshift to offer services similar to a Data Lake.