please document libterm requirement for backup: 2004-10-15 #276547: texinfo: texinfo: @samp{} text should change - to \- in man pages: 2008-10-27 #277395: tasksel: Please mention that selecting a task may be done by hitting the Space key: 2005-01-13 #277523: aptitude 'plus' on numeric keyboard does not work in gnome-terminal: 2016-05-14 #277894 ...
dds2tar scsitools sg3-utils dbishell libcompress-zlib-perl postgresql-doc postgresql-client mysql-doc libterm-readline-gnu-perl libterm-readline-perl-perl Recommended packages: mt-st libmysqlclient14-dev perl-doc The following NEW packages will be installed:
rsf (D-LINK DIR-300 & DIR-600 RCE) > show info Name: D-LINK DIR-300 & DIR-600 RCE Description: Module exploits D-Link DIR-300, DIR-600 Remote Code Execution vulnerability which allows executing command on operating system level with root privileges.
Terminal emulator and Linux environment for Android. Termux. Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment app that works directly with no rooting or setup required.