9X12 Custom plaque with personalized badge and corrections tan & green background. see larger image here See larger image here - Pricing as shown $194 Upgrades: Dimensional Badge ($72) and Engraved plaque with backplate ($32).
Nov 20, 2015 · -Program now generates smaller badges, this fixes icons and badges on folders-Properly limited max badges to 1000, so the last badge should not corrupt other data (never tested)-Shape will be loaded with the badge, and only change when you click a color-Up and Down now increase and decrease the badge index by 10 (left and right still by 1)
Over 35 pages of colorful badges, awards, plaques, collar ornaments, medallions, glass paperweights, K-9 badges, 5 star badges, 6 star badges and up to 7 star badges. We also carry belt buckles of different sizes and shapes, along with medal bars, award ribbons of valor and medals of honor.
Galls offers badge design for custom Blackinton badges and custom Smith & Warren badges that adds a finishing touch to your uniform and provides you with the authority and recognition you need...